The truth behind the FreebieJeebies Referral Hack/Referral Generators

There are literally hundreds of people offering to give you all the referrals you want for your free gifts from FreebieJeebies, they promise this through numerous methods including special 'FreebieJeebies Hack Referral Links' and 'FreebieJeebies Referral Generators'. This might seem like a good idea to the average freebie hunter who has signed up to FreebieJeebies and is struggling to get the number of required 'Greens' - Completed friends' referrals - to get the free gift they want.

However, the simple fact is that these people - who usually have had nothing for free an therefore have no faith in the FreebieJeebies system - are being prayed on by unscrupulous individuals who have no intention of fulfilling their promises, and know full well that they will not get the '999 Referrals no offers' that they offered in the first place.

These people are simply getting you to complete an offer for them through their link. You become the green for them that you are seeking yourself. It is simply a method to get free gifts themselves, and since some people complete paid offers rather than free ones, it is as good as stealing from someone in my opinion, and I really hate that people are being tricked by these scammers.

I have had a fair few referrals - green referrals - see images below - and you can trust me when I say that I got NONE of them through lying to people, or promising them referrals that never materialise. Indeed, I even warn people before they embark on FreebieJeebies that although your gift is completely free - it is not without cost. It often takes a bit of work, and if you want a bigger goft, it takes more work. It is not easy, but it is free.

Ellie (ElectroGirl on eXceem - the UK's favourite freebie forum) is one of the hardest working young freebie hunters I know, and she made this video to try and explain to people how scandalous and ridiculous this deceptive method is, and she kindly allowed me to use it here, since she expresses much of the disbelief and annoyance I feel on a daily basis much more eloquently in person that I ever can on paper... well.... html!

And by the way, I'm sick of all you FreebieJeebies Referral Hack/ FreebieJeebies Referral Generator scammers sooo much that I'm taking half an hour a night to report you to Rich and Alex (FreebieJeebies owners) so that you will not get the benefit of the people you scammed and stole from. You will find your account on hold, and get nothing, just as you deserve. You have been warned! FreebieJeebies is not a scam, and I'm sick of people tarnishing the reputation of a wonderful company.

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